VolCAT Costa Brava, a new event with the finest trails held on 16 and 17 March


The VolCAT family is set to grow in 2019 as a new stage race bearing the same name is launched in addition to the already legendary VolCAT Festival held in Igualada from 18 to 21 April next season. The competition takes an important step to position itself as a leading event in terms of tracks and organisation. VolCAT Costa Brava will take over from the renowned Empordà MTB Extrem, which was founded by Club Baix Empordà in 2015.

Ocisport’s extensive experience will no doubt help to make this new MTB stage race a unique mountain bike event. Those who are already familiar with the event from previous editions will be certain of one thing: it is one of the most fun and spectacular races of the season. Tracks comprised of a myriad of trails in the magnificent area of Les Gavarres, halfway between the Costa Brava and the city of Girona. An endless number of trails make the stages into genuine celebrations of XC and bike marathon racing for all riders. Without any large ascents or great technical difficulty, the tracks consist of a succession of trails that are full of flow and will surely not disappoint.

The new VolCAT Costa Brava will retain the two-day format, albeit without the double event on the Saturday and a new one stage per day format, which will be more convenient and less stressful for participants. The event will also boast fully marked tracks, in which the use of GPS will not be required for following the route – one of the features of the previous format.

The first stage will consist of 70 km and 2100 m of positive elevation gain, in which bikers will be able to enjoy unique, magnificent landscapes. The second stage will take in a faster terrain free of major climbs, which will see competitors link from one path to another, completing 55 km and 1700 m of positive elevation gain.

The event will be held on 16 and 17 March, the perfect time to prepare for VolCAT Festival, which takes place in April with a new four-day format. In terms of organisation, you can bank on the usual high-quality services that we’ve come to expect from all Ocisport events.

With two days of competition the format is ideal for those starting out in the world of stage races. Designed with users in mind, competitors can look forward to an intense weekend with two days of competition and the very best mountain biking. Its location also makes it a perfect family event. There is little to add about the merits of the whole area of the Costa Brava, which is fast becoming a world-class destination for both road cycling and mountain biking, hosting other first-rate events such as Sea Otter Europe in Girona.

VolCAT Costa Brava will combine the very best of Empordà MTB Extrem with the convenience of fully-marked tracks and the peace of mind of competing just one stage per day. With that in mind, the trails will be reserved for maximum fun – the stage race’s key feature. On 16 and 17 March get ready to discover what the Les Gavarres massif has to offer bikers.

The different rates and offers will be announced shortly, as well as the opening date for registration, which will be this Thursday 11 October. Don’t miss a special discounted price for both VolCAT Festival + VolCAT Costa Brava, valid until 15 November.


VolCAT Costa Brava, a new event with the finest trails held on 16 and 17 March